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Struggling to take many health influencers seriously post-Covid

I’ve long been a big fan of podcasters in the health space.

People such as Tim Ferriss, Rhonda Patrick, David Sinclair, Peter Attia, and Bryan Johnson.

So when the Covid pandemic happened, I looked to many of these influencers for guidance on handling the situation.

A number of the influencers I “trusted” were pro-vaccine.

Whilst everyone makes mistakes. What is incredibly frustrating to me, is that now that many big issues around the mRNA vaccines have come out – they are not using their platforms to discuss these issues.

Instead, they’re talking about minor issues, such as the benefits of blueberries.

Which issues am I referring to?

  • A major flaw in the mRNA vaccine technology has been found by Cambridge University researchers.
  • All-cause mortality in countries that administered the mRNA vaccines has reliably stayed above the 5-year average well past the Covid pandemic. Source.
  • Governments are notably ignoring the issue. To the extent that the UK department responsible for tracking this data (ONS) recently re-designed their algorithm to *reduce* the perceived number of excess deaths (source). Seems Orwellian.
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Personal Responsibility

I’m a big proponent of the idea that we should all take responsibility for the decisions we make in life, and not blame others.

I personally took 2 Pfizer mRNA vaccines, which I regret now, but I wouldn’t blame this on anyone. That was my decision.

So this post is not about blaming others.

It’s simply about how my viewpoint on these influencers is shifting. And when I hear them talking about the minutiae of health science, and ignoring the giant elephant in the room which is the rollout of dangerous mRNA vaccines to millions of people. Vaccines that at one stage they had got behind. That is when I start getting frustrated and struggling to take them seriously.

What would I prefer to see?

I would like to see influencers discussing:

  • The issue of the increase in all-cause mortality
  • The emerging data on the flaw in mRNA vaccine technology
  • Discussing various other potential issues with the mRNA vaccines. So far I’ve only mentioned the issue above because it’s clear-cut. However, there are lots more, and, the evidence/data on them varies.
  • The mistake that they made in taking and backing these vaccines.
  • The environment that lead to these mistakes, and how we can do better in the future

Why do I think we are not seeing this?

These are the broad issues that I think are getting in the way of health influencers questioning or criticizing the mRNA vaccines:

  • Fear – I think that many are fearful that by discussing these issues they might lose fans, damage their brand, reputation, earning capability, and ability to attract high calibre guests for their podcasts.
  • Ostrcization – It’s innate in humans to want to feel part of the group. When we lived in tribes, ostrcization could have meant death. Thus its natural to want to stay part of the group, and not risk being alienated or outcast by talking about contentious issues.
  • Embarrassment/Shame/Guilt – it’s natural to feel embarrassed if you make a mistake or have to backtrack on something you previously said with confidence. Especially if many people look up and trust you on the subject.
  • Money/Power – linked to the above point on fear, there’s a risk that “speaking out” might reduce their ability to earn money and wield power.

Sometimes the big things are the small things

What really sticks out for me after all of this.

Is that, when it comes to long-term health, sometimes it rests on pivotal decisions.

Rather than the daily minutiae of the supplements you take, the foods you eat, the amount you exercise etc.

As an extreme example, you could have 2 people:

  • Person A eats badly, doesn’t exercise much, and is borderline obese.
  • Person B eats well, exercises regularly, and looks like a picture of good health.

Person A skips the mRNA vaccine, but Person B does not.

Person A continues on with their somewhat unhealthy life, and Person B gets myocarditis, a known side effect of the mRNA vaccines.

Person B recovers, and yet is left with long-term damage to the tissue of the heart.

It’s extreme, but not absurd, given what’s happening.

And points to the critical importance of getting certain decisions right in life.

The Health Influencers + What They Took & Said

So, who are some of the health influencers I’m referring to, and what was their take on the vaccines:

  • Tim Ferrissposted on Instagram about having had 2 Moderna vaccines (2021, Oct)
  • Rhonda Patrick – shared in her April 2021 Q&A that she was super excited about the mRNA vaccine technology, and was looking to personally get one of the two mRNA vaccines. This video where she says this is private to her subscribers, but she was also on a 2 hour public video with Roger Seheul talking up the risk of Covid and the importance of mRNA vaccines.
  • David Sinclairposted on X (formerly Twitter) a picture of him getting his second Pfizer mRNA vaccine.
  • Peter Attiaposted on X (formerly Twitter) “I received and administer Moderna, but that is simply because of the logistics.”
  • Bryan Johnsonposted on X (formerly Twitter) that his heart biomarkers pre and post mRNA vaccine are either the same or improved.

Below are screenshots of what they said (history around Covid has a strange way of being re-written or deleted).

Tim Ferriss

Tim shares on Instagram about taking 2x Moderna vaccines.

Rhonda Patrick

Rhonda said in her April 2021 Q&A, quote:

“I would say, in my opinion, I am personally trying to get the vaccine. It is not easy in California when you’re young and healthy and don’t have any pre-existing conditions. You kind of have to go show up somewhere at the end of the day or something. But, um, I personally am hoping to get one of the mRNA vaccines. Um, I’m super excited about that technology in general. You know, one of the reasons why the vaccine, the mRNA vaccines, came out so quickly, in addition to other reasons, was because the mRNA technology makes vaccines easier to produce. And so, they’re much… it’s a… it’s a… it’s a much easier platform. And so, I feel like, um, you know, some of the good news out of this pandemic is that we are now having this amazing vaccine technology, this mRNA vaccine technology that I think are going to make, you know, it’s going to sort of revolutionize vaccines in a way. So, that’s… that’s kind of exciting.”

David Sinclair

David shares on X (formerly Twitter) a picture of him getting his second Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

Peter Attia

Peter Attia shared on X:

Bryan Johnson

Bryan shared on X:


Above I’ve described why I’m struggling to take health influencers seriously who seem to want to “brush things under the rug” with regard to the mRNA vaccines.

I also shared why I think they are doing this, and I do understand it.

It’s scary to admit you were wrong and speak out against mainstream narratives.

However, I respect people much more when they do.

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