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15 Inspirational YouTube Videos

1. The Worlds Strongest Dad

2. Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

3. Michael Jordan – Failure

4. Nick Vujicic – Getting Back Up

5. Eric Thomas – The Truth

6. Jason McElwain – Autisic Basketball Player

7. Cameron Herold – Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs

8. Al Pacino – Any given Sunday

9. Steve Jobs – Stanford Lecture

10. Baz Luhrmann – Sunscreen

11. Will Smith – The Persuit of Happyness

12. Coach Carter – Our Deepest Fear

13. I Am A Champion

14. Charlie Chaplin’s Speech from The Great Dictator

15. Joe Rogan – We’re Living In The Matrix

And additionally, if you’ve seen Good Will Hunting, you’ll appreciate these scenes:

You won’t be here, best friend

I had to go see about a girl

That’s my list… what else would be in yours?

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