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Sustainable Fitness

I believe in sustainable fitness, such that we should be able to remain healthy and active late into life. This approach requires science, moderation and discipline. It revolves around good nutrition and a variety of exercise.

General ‘principles’ I subscribe to:

  • Gary Taubes/Robert Atkins/William Banting’s approaches to diet
  • To build muscle, lift heavy, focus on compound exercises and limit the workout to under 60mins.
  • Fast. 16/8 + longer when possible. See
  • I believe everyone should practice Yoga. My current preference is Ashtanga – but it’s highly dependent upon the yoga teacher.
  • For those interested in strength, there’s a lot to be learned from Gymnastics. I started training in 2011 – and love rings, parallettes and the floor moves.
  • Train smart, don’t always train harder. Progressive overload and minimal effective dose should be considered.

“Wear yourself out dont rest yourself out. “The only way you can hurt your body is to not use it”
– Jack LaLanne

What is Sustainable Fitness?

“Sustainable fitness is about creating a healthier, fitter version of you that can stand the test of time.

It’s about revolting against these extreme diets and workouts like paleo and marathon running.

It’s about looking after your knees, your elbows, your gut and your brain.

It’s about planning for the future and yet still living for today.”

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