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Put People First

What career should I choose? Or even simpler, what sort of job should I get next?

If you ask for advice, you’ll usually get told to consider what kind of work you enjoy doing; how much you want to get paid or even where you want to live.

A common phrase is to “find your passion”. Which is a is a great idea; usually the people you want to spend time with are the people who share the same passion as you. I wouldn’t disagree with this; it’s just not always easy to establish what ones passion is or whether they can earn a living from it.

Do people ask themselves enough who do I want to work with?
This is probably due to the difficulty of getting to know those people prior to starting the job.

Ideally however, shouldn’t this be considered above all else?

It’s the people we interact with daily, it’s the people who build the company. Do you really want to live your life having worked with people you didn’t love?

I can choose who I live with, who I spend time with socialising etc., so what does it matter if I spend a few hours working with people I don’t love spending time with?

Well, if we on average spend ~1800 hours working per year, it matters a lot!

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