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Loneliness in Later Life – The Importance of Staying Useful

I’m in my mid-30s, and my father is in his early 70s.

He’s not naturally a sociable person. Not much of a team player either.

So as he’s grown older, and has become less useful to the people around him, the amount of social contact he gets has diminished.

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I think others in his position might join clubs and groups in order to maintain social contact.

For example; playing cards, golf, tennis and other hobbies.

However, he’s chosen not to do that (it seems).

Then in terms of being needed and wanted, that’s a nice feeling to have.

Specifically, having people actively reach out and want to communicate.

For that to happen, there has to be a reason or motivation.

And that’s where I draw the conclusion that providing value is crucial.

Particularly in later life.

I suppose that may be part of why older people often hesitate to retire.

And when they do, some of them “fade” quickly.

Work gives your life meaning, and connects you with people. Take away the work and it can be a lot harder.

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