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Creating Reality

N.B. This post is me trying to put into longer form my understanding, and belief, in the ideas expressed in the We’re Living in the Matrix video with Joe Rogan and Thomas Campbell. It’s a little out there and random, but I like to play with ideas.

Each of us lives in a micro universe (microverse). Within that universe we control our avatar (body).

Each of these microverses can overlap each other.

When one is focused on working in solitude they are in their microverse. However when they open themselves up to communicate with others they are sharing with other microverses.

Imagine circles that overlap similar to a Venn diagram.

When we change the way we think, we create a new microverse. The way it interacts with other microverses, and the larger universe, changes. That pushes us in the direction in which we intend.

Intention penetrates beyond our microverse.

A key issue with the game of life is that each of us only controls one player. That gives us limited possibility for all the outcomes that we can imagine.

Ideally we can find a way to split ourselves and focus on multiple tasks.

What does break beyond our individual limitations is the sharing of ideas through the internet.

It’s only there that our microverse can be shared with so many.

This is why the mind is so powerful in constructing our reality. We literally create it, whether we choose to (driver) or not (passenger).

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