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One man’s thoughts on 12 years at Microsoft

Quotes from the article:

“Cynics don’t get anything done. Stop talking to people whose first response is always skeptical. They will crush you.”

“A person is either passionate or they’re not. People who expect their manager to make their jobs fun and interesting won’t get far.”

“Use Occam’s Razor in interpersonal relations: look for the simplest, most straightforward explanation that assumes the best of everybody. Stay away from people who always have a conspiracy theory involving twisted office politics, unfulfilled Machiavellian ambitions, and unspoken agendas.”

“Practice articulating positions you disagree with faithfully and persuasively. Unless you can do this, you’re implicitly assuming that people who disagree with you are idiots. Smart people understand why smart people disagree.”

And I could go on… read the rest here.

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